Bag Palletizers


We offer a wide range of bag palletizing options to fit your needs. Starting with manual hand palletizing turntables to semi-automatic (air floatation) units to conventional high and low-level palletizers. Of course the newest heavy duty, very reliable robotic palletizing systems are also available. All units supplied by manufacturers located in the USA!

Mollers High-Level Palletizer

The modular PLS Split-Plate Palletizer can be fitted with different bag turning devices. It is the ideal palletizer for high volume operations. Different bag patterns and number of layers are accomplished by the touch of a button. Fully braced, heavy-duty tubular construction makes this palletizer the most rugged unit of its kind.

  • A unique independent layer compressing plate flattens the surface of each layer, providing maximum load stability.
  • Pop-up turning device with variable frequency drive.
  • Bag turning post for capacities exceeding 2,400 bags/hour


Hamer RPM Robotic Bag Palletizers

Hamer RPM robotic bag palletizers feature world leading Yaskawa/Motoman robots.   Motoman is  a subsidiary of Yaksawa robotics the worlds leader in robotic arm technology with over 260,000 robots installations world wide.   The Hamer/Motoman partnership offers outstanding reliability, design and support for robotic palletizing solutions.   Hamer is an authorized integrator of Motoman robotics.  We offer a wide range of palletizing solutions with a focus on  high speed, low cost simplified palletizing solutions.   We understand that the benefits of robotic palletizing don't have to come with high prices.   Durability, realiability, proven integration and outstanding after sale service support complete the Hamer RPM  offering. 


  • Heavy duty in-feed conveyors
  • Pallet stacking or full pallet conveying
  • MPL 100 or MPL 160 robotic arm
  • Complete integration and controls
  • Proven industrial design bag gripper
  • Safety guarding 
  • Wide variety of configurations and system designs